Video Door Monitor 7″

Video Door Monitor 7 offers Built-in Snapshot Storage and SD Card Reader for Video Storage.


Video Door Monitor 7″


This flagship 7″ touch screen color video door monitor is using a capacitive screen with a modern, stylish and discreet design. It has a luxurious full glass touchscreen display to look fantastic on any wall.

A capacitive screen’s touch sensitivity is the same as on a mobile phone’s screen, registering the slightest tap of your finger as a button press. Furthermore, the large touch screen makes seeing a person clearly and easily in addition to making menu navigation simple.

Based on the latest 2-Wire technology, you only need to use two wires to send the power, video and audio between the video door phones, door stations and power supply. This makes installations simple, fast and hassle-free.

If you have more than one video door phone, you can use the intercom feature to call other rooms or apartments.

You can unlock one door or two using an additional relay.

Furthermore, with the GSM Card module, it will call your mobile phone so that you can answer the caller whether you’re at home or away. You can also unlock the door via your mobile phone too.



  • 7″ Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • Luxurious Glass Panel
  • 2-Wire
  • Slim Profile
  • Built-in Snapshot Storage
  • SD Card Reader for Video Storage
  • Hands-free Audio
  • Door Lock Release (can release the second door using the relay)
  • Mute in conversation
  • Ring disabling with luminous signal
  • “Panic” button to call the Guard for assistance
  • Choice of ringtones
  • Brightness, Contrast & Saturation Control
  • Image Snapshot
  • Guard Call
  • Video toggle between simultaneous calling receivers


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