Texecom Expander 8XP

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Texecom Expander 8XP offers 8 Additional Outputs, 1 Auxiliary Input and Speaker Driver.

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Texecom Expander 8XP


Remote Zone Expander for use with the Premier Elite Series.

Premier Elite expanders are ideal for commercial-grade security systems or demanding installations where a custom system is a requirement. All Premier Elite expanders are compatible with Premier Elite control panels; a selection is also compatible with Premier Series control panels.

Remote 8 Zone Expander providing an additional 8 programmable DP or EOL zones, 8 programmable outputs, 1 auxiliary input & a speaker driver output with programmable volume control.



  • Premier Elite Series Compatible
  • 8 Additional Outputs
  • 1 Auxiliary Input
  • Speaker Driver
  • PD6662:2010 Grade 3 Class II


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