PSB CWS8 2X8″ Passive Subwoofer (Each)

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Passive in-wall subwoofer


PSB CWS8 2X8″ Passive Subwoofer (Each)


Passive in-wall subwoofer


Part No. PS1410


Great bass without wasted space

Use PSB’s CWS8 to add deep bass impact to your home theater or listening room without giving up an inch of floor space. This passive subwoofer mounts flush into your wall for a discreet, clutter-free look. Its dual 8″ drivers serve up powerful lows that bring your music and movies to life. It features PSB’s classic high-quality design and construction to ensure clean, powerful low-frequency response. And once it’s installed, all you’ll see is the included paintable aluminum grille.


The CWS8’s passive design requires a separate amplifier to operate.




  • requires separate power amplifier
  • recommended power: 40-200 watts
  • frequency response: 39-200 Hz (±3dB)
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • sensitivity: 88dB (anechoic chamber), 90dB (typical listening room)
  • dual 8″ fiberglass woofers
  • overall dimensions: 11-1/16″W x 18-1/4″H
  • cutout: 9-3/4″W x 16-7/8″H
  • mounting depth: 4″
  • warranty: 5 years


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