HD DVR PoC up to 8MP

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PoC DVR for 4/8/16 Cameras up to 8MP.

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HD DVR PoC up to 8MP


This DVR uses the latest Power-over-Coax technology so that the power and video is transmitted by just one cable (compatible with PoC camera range only).

Based on H.265+ alogorithim, this DVR delivers brilliant, crisp video quality at up to a quarter of the bandwidth of H.264 whilst still maintaining crystal clear video. This results in a 2MP camera using about the same hard drive storage space as a 1MP camera, whilst maintaining the high image quality of a 2MP camera.

We have designed a menu system which is fast and easy-to-use, having preset or advanced options which can be configured for your cameras optimum settings as well as your desired settings. Furthermore, the initial Start-up Wizard makes setting up your DVR easier than ever having all the necessary configurations which need to be edited/adjusted/confirmed in a simple wizard. This gets you up and running faster than ever.

Using application available on: iPhone & Android, you can view, control and configure your DVR anywhere in the world so that when you are away, you will always have peace-of-mind. Just like your DVR, you can view all cameras live as well as view recorded videos using the Time Search function. It is essentially a pocket sized version of your DVR.

You can set up your DVR to e-mail your mobile phone or PC if there is an alert, such as video loss, hard drive full, disconnection, motion/intruder detection…and more.

You can easily backup your recordings and data via USB. You can also backup your recordings using the remote monitoring software, saving your recorded files to your PC.

You can set up motion detection zones which can start a recording, send you an email warning or set off an alarm when movement or an object is detected in a certain part of your camera’s view.

Recordings can be easily scheduled by day or time to save space on your hard drive. Furthermore, recordings can be played back on all channels at the same time.

Instant Playback allows you to select and view recently recorded footage at the push of a button on the live view screen. This saves you valuable time instead of going through the menus, reacting to an incident more quickly.

What if your hard drive is starting to fail without you knowing?
What if one of your hard drives has stopped? S.M.A.R.T. constantly monitors the hard drives and the DVR to ensure that everything is running correctly. If any abnormalities are found, you will be notified by e-mail or alarm output.

The DVR is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Windows and MAC.

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4-Channel, 8-Channel, 16-Channel


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