Futura 7″ Handset Video Monitor XIP (White)

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Compatible with XIP digital system.


Futura 7″ Handset Video Monitor XIP (White)


Compatible with XIP digital system.


The video receiver with user-friendly 7″ display that’s perfect in any room thanks to its simple but sophisticated design.


  • Hands-free audio
  • Soft touch buttons
  • 7″ full colour TFT LCD display (800×480 pixel)
  • Wall-mounted or in recessed box
  • Available in black or white
  • Dimensions
    – 212x161x28 mm (LxHxD) wall-mounted
    – 212x161x10.5 mm (LxHxD) recessed
  • IP ready
  • Local power supply or Powered over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Compatible with SIP video and Voice over IP protocols:
  • H.264 video compression, G.711 audio codec
  • Built-in web-server for configuration and management via browser


Functional features:

  • Door lock release
  • Answering and hanging up
  • Self-connection
  • Mute in conversation / Disabling ringtone
  • “Panic” button (SOS) to call the concierge for help


Advanced functional features

  • Advanced multilingual user interface
  • Receiving calls from XIP entry panels
  • Receiving audio/video calls from concierge
  • Unlimited Intercom calls to other Futura receivers or to smartphones and tablets
  • Video voice mail with option to record calls automatically and on demand
  • Customisable polyphonic ringtones
  • Contacts directory
  • AUX commands list
  • Can be integrated into Bpt’s Home Sapiens home automation system
  • Audio Notes function
  • Lift Control for interaction with lift systems
  • Display and recording of IP video cameras on the system
  • Door status feedback
  • Receiving broadcast text messages sent from the concierge


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