AlarmSense Open Area Sounder/Visual Indicator

AlarmSense Open Area Sounder/Visual Indicator


AlarmSense Open Area Sounder/Visual Indicator


Part No. 55000-017APO


  • A powerful wall-mounting open-area Sounder/Visual Indicator suitable for use with C-TEC’s CFP
  • AlarmSense range of 2-8 Zone Two-Wire Fire Panels.
  • IP65 rated.
  • Up to 99dB(A) sound output at 1m.
  • Ultra-bright red LED.
  • Device locking facility.
  • Max. five Open-Area Alarm Devices per AlarmSense zone.


Technical Specifications:


  • Flash rate & colour 1Hz / red.
  • Supply wiring 2-wire monitored, polarity insensitive.
  • Supply/operating voltage 18-33VDC (sounders active); Less than 15VDC (sounders off).
  • Quiescent current 100µA @ 12VDC. (Max. surge current 200µA).
  • Nominal SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Up to 99dB(A) @ 1m. Note the tone frequency incorporated into this device is the Apollo Evacuate tone (840Hz for 0.5s and 546Hz for 0.5s).
  • Alarm current 19mA @ 24VDC (nominal).
  • Product dimensions (mm) 97.5mm diameter x 104mm deep.
  • Construction & finish TBC.
  • IP Rating IP65
  • Weight 260g.
  • Operating conditions/temperature TBC.


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